Mixed Breeds Are Strutting Their Stuff!

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American Kennel Council has launched a new program for hybrid and mixed-breed dogs. For more than 125 years, mixed-breed dogs have been ignored in favor of purebred dogs. Partly due to the fact that AKC (American Kennel Council) didn’t recognize them as a breed. However, in 2009 AKC allowed mixed-breed dogs to be registered with AKC ID numbers and be recognized nationwide. Along with this, further categories were devised to allow mixed-breed dogs to compete. This year, AKC has launched its new program ‘AKC Canine Partners™’ where you can register your hybrid or mixed-breed dogs and get access to a number of activities and competitive events. The only major difference between Canine Partners and the Purebred program is that your hybrid dog will not be able to perform in a formal dog show, or participate in activities like herding and hunting, as mixed-breed dogs do not have any set of standards or characteristics defined to judge them with. However, there are still many benefits of getting your dog enrolled in the Canine Partners program. Your dog can partake in the following activities and sports: Agility: Mixed-breed dogs can have varying traits, some of them can turn out to be really pacey. Agility programs and activities make sure your dog gets to reach their potential top speed whilst facing obstacles against the ticking clock. Agility activities can keep you and your dog healthy together.

AKC Rally: You and your dog team up together to navigate through a course of obstacles. It strengthens the bond between the owner and dog and makes use of both human and dog specialties. You start with a score of 100 and require at least 70 to be eligible for the title, as the points get deducted along the course. AKC recommends that you attend a Rally event before deciding to partake in one yourself.

AKC Scent Work: Pair up with your dog to find hidden targets. All targets are placed within a pre-determined area where the dog would sniff around and then communicate with its owner to get to the hidden cotton swab.

AKC FAST CAT: Ever wondered how fast your dog can run? Well, Coursing Ability Test (CAT) would let you know. Your dog will chase bait for over 100 yards to determine the top speed.

Obedience: Test how well you’ve trained your fur buddy with the obedience competitions by AKC.

Along with the above-mentioned benefits, your dog can also earn titles like Canine Good Citizen, Therapy Dog, and Search and Rescue Dog. You’ll also receive a certificate of participation in the Canine Partners program with honors, a visit with a veterinarian from AKC Network, and a month of pet insurance which also covers the veterinarian charges.

You can enroll your dog with AKC Canine Partners™ either by visiting their website or by downloading and printing the form available online. However, AKC specifies that all dogs must be spayed or neutered for them to be eligible for this program. Additionally, your dog cannot be a hybrid of any wild relative such as wolves.


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