How To Potty Train Your Dog

Updated: May 6

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Potty training your puppy is all about reshaping its lifestyle and often appreciating them for sensible behavior with rewards and encouragement.

Here are steps that will give you practical knowledge about potty training.

Steps For Potty Training Your Puppy

1. Keep the puppy in a confined place, either in a kennel or a small room: According to the experts, when you keep the pets at the defined place, they learn to manage their excretions more efficiently.

2. Create Regular Eating Routine: Do not feed your dog randomly, instead create a regular eating plan. Set the time of meals and do not give any kinds of food or treats between the meals. This is important because the potty habits of the canines depend on the feeding routines. Without fixed eating habits, they will excrete so randomly.

3. Keep the same potty spot: Do not change the location. It is particularly important as they learn the scent of the pad, they learn that it is the place to excrete. The scent will motivate and prompt the puppy to go to the pad.

4. Take the dog to the pad in the morning: Before giving anything to eat in the morning, take them towards the pad and let the puppy do their business. The morning is the most predictable time for the dog's potty. Soon the dog will learn from the smell of the pad that it is the time for potty and this is the location it should happen.

5. Reward them: When you feel comfortable, take them to other areas of your home, when they go to the correct location to potty on their own, offer a treat or a pat of appreciation. Moreover, if they go to the correct location after walking through the neighborhood or any other place outside, give them an even a nicer reward.

Now you have read about potty training basics, it is time to implement them. If you catch the puppy doing the business in the wrong place, you should stop it by tapping on their back or clapping loudly.

During the training phase, do not take your puppy outside as often. It will not only cause accidents but also distracts the puppy.

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