Breed Summary

Country of Origin: Germany

AKC Breed Popularity: Ranks 11 of 196

AKC Classification: Working Group

UKC Classification: Guardian Dog

Exercise Requirements: >40 minutes/day

Height: Female: 21.5-23.5 inches; Male: 23-25 inches

Weight: Female: 50-65 lbs.; Male: 65-80 lbs.

Physical traits: Medium-sized, Square-built, Short-haired

Coat: Length: Short

Characteristics: Flat

Colors: Fawn, brindle, with or without white flashing and black mask

Overall Grooming Needs: Low

Personality traits/Temperament: Bright, Fun-Loving, Active

Energy Level: Very energetic

Tendency to Drool: High

Tendency to Snore: Moderate

Tendency to Bark: Low

Tendency to Dig: Low

Social/Attention Needs: High

Boxers are an active, intelligent dog breed. They are known for being good with children and families as well as having protective instincts towards them. Because of these attributes, they make great family pets.

However , boxers must be properly trained and socialized with other animals to discourage "unwanted" behaviors such as aggression and dominance with other canines and humans .

When properly trained, however , boxers display characteristics like loyalty and friendliness that make them quite popular as pets all over the world .

While most people picture a black mouth when you say the word "boxer," their coats range from fawn (reddish) to brindle to white. Boxers have a muscular build and a short, sleek coat with a distinctive "boxing glove" tail they hold high over their backs.

Boxers are very active dogs who require regular exercise and must be kept on a leash due to their powerful jumping abilities . Because of this , they do best in suburbs or rural areas where there is enough open space for them to run around freely.

Boxer dogs were originally bred as hunting dogs which makes them very fast runners that love playing games like fetch . However, because of their large size, boxers aren't always the best choice for families living in small spaces with children .

In conclusion , boxer dogs make great family pets but require good training and lots of room to roam. They are known for their loyalty and friendliness towards humans as well as other canines.


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