Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle

Breed summary

The Stumpy is a normally proportioned, rugged dog with pricked (standing up) ears and long legs. The breed’s most distinctive feature, for which the breed is named, is the frequent lack of a tail. When there is a tail, it is quite short, no longer than 10 cm. The length of the body, from the point of the breastbone to the buttocks, is equal to the height of the dog, measured at the withers.

Country of Origin: Australia

AKC Breed Popularity:

AKC Classification: Foundation Stock Service

UKC Classification: Herding Dog

Exercise Requirements: >40 minutes/day

Height: Female: 17-19 inches; Male: 18-20 inches

Weight: Female: 32-35 lbs.; Male: 38-45 lbs.

Physical traits: Well-balanced, Solid, Muscular

Coat: Length: Medium

Characteristics: Dense

Colors: Blue, Red speckle, Blue & Black

Overall Grooming Needs: Low

Personality traits/Temperament: Alert, Trainable, Comical

Energy Level: Very energetic

Tendency to Drool: Low

Tendency to Snore: Low

Tendency to Bark: Low

Tendency to Dig: Low

Social/Attention Needs: Moderate

Health care

The Stumpy is a healthy breed and has a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years. All pups should be BEAR hearing tested as this breed carries the gene for deafness. Progressive Retinal Atrophy and Primary Lens luxation are inherited eye problems and all breeding pairs should be DNA screened to make good breeding decisions.


Good quality foods that are formulated to all life stages is recommended. Feeding amounts will vary depending upon the activity levels the dog gets daily. Two Meals equally spaced during the day will suffice. Free feeding can be done as long as the dog does not get overweight. A high energy feed that has non-GMO grains seems to work well with these dogs. Add a high quality multivitamin to complete the nutritional circle. Transitioning from puppy food to adult foods is unnecessary.


Easily trained, using reward-based methods. Problem-solving and comical in nature. Temperament ranges from people friendly to a bit wary of strangers. Great with known persons. Can be a bit of a watchdog and alert owners to strangers nearing their property. Amenable to judges exams in the show rings.


The “Stumpy” has a very high energy level and therefore needs daily exercise, a secure place to run, and mind-stimulating work. With a high level of stamina, this breed can work stock all day in adverse conditions for which it was developed. Hiking, backpacking, and obedience training are essential for a healthy body and mind for the lifetime of the dog. Use paw balm to protect their feet.

Fun fact:

The Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog is related to the wild Dingo.


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