Flea Treatment

Want to get rid of fleas fast?

Start killing adult fleas, eggs and larvae in 30 minutes and keeps them away for 1 month! (10 month supply included)

Protects your pet from ailments and illnesses caused by fleas.

Over 500,000 people have chosen Superdog Solutions Flea Treatment and Prevention, here's why

Start killing fleas in 30 minutes 

98% of the Flea Population gone within 4 hours

Keeps them gone for 30 days

Flea Treatment

FDA Approved


Formulated with

Nitenpyram and Lufenuron

This combination safely stops the infestation and prevents the next one before it starts! 

Never miss a month.

Each box contains a 10 months of protections!  


Includes a complimentary bottle of Superdog Solutions Shampoo and Conditioner to aid in the healing process 

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Do not let this live on your baby!

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In one day, a single flea can

Bite your pup more than 400 times.

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Lay up to 40 eggs per day, ensuring that its terrifying work will be carried on for generations to come.

Black Dog

Consume more than its body weight of your loved one's blood

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Kill Them Fast


  • FDA Approved.

  • Works within 30 minutes

  • 98% of the adult flea population within the first 4 hours


  • FDA Approved

  • Growth inhibitor 

  • works for 30 days

  • Inhibits the production of chitin in larval fleas. Without chitin a larval flea will never develop an exoskeleton and die.

Keep them GONE! 

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Even the best of our beloved fur babies can succumb to fleas

Help your loved one get healthy again!

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Comes with a complimentary bottle of Superdog Solutions Shampoo & Conditioner to soothe the skin and help with the healing process! 

Flea Treatment