American Foxhound

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Breed summary


The American Foxhounds are long and lean animals, with straight, long legs, and a narrow tail which curves slightly upwards. They have a close, hard, hound coat of medium length which is most commonly white, brown, tan, or black in colour. Their skull should be fairly long, slightly domed, broad, and full with a strong neck of medium length. The ears are moderately low, long, reaching when drawn out nearly, if not quite, to the tip of the nose. The eyes are large, set well apart, soft which gives a houndlike-expression.



Like other breeds, the American Foxhound depends on high-quality dog food, whether commercially manufactured or home-prepared for their proper growth and development. They should be given a different diet according to their different stages (puppy, adult, or senior). They love to eat and prone to getting overweight. To prevent obesity, it can be better to feed an adult two measured feedings per day rather than allowing him to free-feed all day. foods which are not good for dogs, can’t be given. Clean water should be available at all times.



Length: Short

Characteristics: Flat

Colors: Black, tan and white in any combination (hound colors), white with yellow or tan

Tendency to Shed: Moderate

Coat Less Allergenic: Yes

Overall Grooming Needs: Low

Health care


American Foxhounds are a pretty much healthy breed. A responsible breeder has to test breeding stock regularly for health conditions such as hip dysplasia and thrombocytopathy, which is a platelets disorder. A white blood cell disorder called Pelger-Huet anomaly may also occur. Occasionally, long-eared breeds can develop ear infections, and a Foxhound’s ears should be checked regularly to remove foreign matter and wax. Regular brushing will keep the hound’s teeth healthy as well.




American Foxhounds are easy going and amiable. They also can be stubborn which can make training an exercise in patience and skill. Obedience training is recommended for this breed because of their independence and natural instinct to follow a scent because they are Scent hound. American Foxhounds should not be trusted off-leash because of their powerful hunting instinct. The Foxhound does not make a good watchdog as like other scent hounds.



The American Foxhound is an energetic breed. It needs plenty of exercises, for example, a fairly long walk followed by a game of fetch. They are a quick dog because of their long legs.  Foxhounds were bred specifically to spend long hours chasing after prey. That’s why they require at least a solid hour or two lots of exercise every day and do best in habitats where they have room to run. Without proper exercise, he may become bored and destructive. They are happiest living indoors with their human family and gives a great companion on long walks or hikes.


Country of Origin: USA

AKC Breed Popularity: Ranks 186 of 196

AKC Classification: Hound group

UKC Classification: Scent Hound

Exercise Requirements: >40 minutes/day

Height: Female: 21-24 inches; Male: 22-25 inches

Weight: Female: 60-65 lbs; Male 65-70 lbs

Physical traits: Long and lean, Straight leg, Short-coated

Personality traits/Temperament: Independent, Easy-Going, Sweet-Tempered

Energy Level: Average

Tendency to Drool: Low

Tendency to Snore: Low

Tendency to Bark: Moderate

Tendency to Dig: Low

Social/Attention Needs: Moderate

Life Expectancy: 11-13 years


Fun fact

George Washington was a promoter of American Foxhounds. One-year-old American foxhounds are as physically mature as fifteen-year-old teenagers.